Global Afrique Welfare Foundation is driven:

  • To provide relief of poverty, sickness, distress and suffering for any persons who are in need irrespective of their nationality, race, ethnic origin and religious beliefs.
  • The advancement of other charitable purposes for the benefit of the public to provide recreational facilities and activities in the interests of social welfare with the objective of providing the conditions of life for those persons in need of such facilities.
  • To alleviate poverty among the underprivileged by developing long term and sustainable projects.
  • To advance and promote human rights, equality and diversity irrespective of race, colour and creed in the world.
  • To undertake any other work or assignment which may be for the general welfare of the people
  • To bridge the odd gap between  citizen and the authorities i.e Police and The Hospitals

GLOBAL AFRIQUE WELFARE FOUNDATION, have stepped forward to bring a change to our society. As we have noticed that many people faces different incidents and accidents along various roads, people will pass you without rendering any immediate assistance whatsoever. Instead of people to help or assist the victims, they will rather bring out their phones to do video and pass it to different social media platforms. Today’s victim is a stranger; we should remember that no one knows tomorrow maybe the other way round, it could be from family and friends. We all need a flexible and kind heart to help one another. Emergency can occur anywhere! It is all our duties and responsibilities to respond initially by finding an immediate solution. We all have a role to play to uplift humanity.  We should all be the/ that change. The society always complain about the rules of the authorities, most especially the Police and the Hospitals. That without the Police Reports the hospital will have to reject any victim of circumstances. GAWF, have covered all these aspects of difficulties by involving the authorities and Hospitals of our service to humanity.

Do not hesitate to call our emergency numbers; our Response Team is ready to grant quick response and support. God is the helper, and we are the servant of the helper. We should reduce the rate at which we post videos of victims online, which are either true or false. Do not be greedy to make calls for someone who needs attention because you never can tell whom you might be helping.