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Join our fast-growing network of corporates, entrepreneurs, influencers, and stakeholders.

Global Afrique Welfare Foundation has strength in its collaboration with local and international partners. Together can find more effective methods to support young entrepreneurs and sexual abused survivors. Our partners vary from small companies to large multinationals, knowledge institutes and individual entrepreneurs. They support our programmes in various ways ranging from providing mentorship, counselling and financial support for young Entrepreneurs.

By working with local partners, we can better understand the local entrepreneurship and what is needed to grow a successful business.
We believe in strengthening a system in which local and international partners can give back to a community in a way that is long-lasting and beneficial to all.


Global Afrique Welfare Foundationn depends on funding and in-kind contributions from partners from the private and public sector. Together with our partners, we are able to provide the support that is needed by young Entrepreneurs in our programmes.

Are you excited to support young entrepreneurs  or would you like to request a more detailed partnership information package? Please contact us